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Unlocking Success with Recruitment Kick-Off Meetings Workshop

Learn How To

Foster strong advisor relationships with hiring managers
Streamline communication and eliminate misunderstandings
Leverage Kick-Off Meeting documents for proactive preparation
Define role nuances, required skills, and expectations effectively
Convert calibration into strategic planning for impactful outcomes
Collaboratively design powerful recruiting strategies

Workshop Benefits

Strengthen collaboration between recruiters and managers
Optimize recruitment strategies for maximum efficiency
Attain a precise understanding of each role
Accelerate overall hiring proficiency
Gain a competitive advantage

Early Bird
Until September 8th
150€ + VAT

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Standard 180€ + VAT

* Lunch and refreshments during the breaks are included in the price


Sandra Prvulovic - Fenix HR CEO

Sandra Prvulovic

Strategic Talent Acquisition Leader
will be leading the workshop


September 22nd from 10AM to 4PM

September 22nd

from 10AM to 4PM
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Mama Shelter Belgrade

Mama Shelter

Rajiceva Shopping Centar, 5th Floor
Knez Mihaila 54 A, Belgrade