OK, so you might be wondering why to choose Fenix HR for your IT recruitment.
Here’s where you can discover some of the key reasons, at a glance.

Serbian IT professionals are in much demand because of their high quality and low cost compared to other European countries and American states. With our years of experience in the sector, we probably know them all!

What’s more, through our exclusive research, we’ve uncovered the keys to success in the Serbian IT market:

  • Working with employers to optimise their hiring processes so they are more attractive to potential candidates
  • Helping employers represent their brand most effectively to tempt hard-to-reach talent
  • Providing candidates with a professional experience in a market where that is not always the case
As a small business (with big ambitions), we can respond fast and flexibly to adapt to market changes at a time when IT recruitment has never been more challenging.

Founded in 2006, we’ve helped over 50 clients find their perfect candidates. You can be confident we do a good job, because, once they discover us, clients tend to stay with Fenix HR for a long time. We charge a fixed fee so you know where you stand.


Before choosing Fenix HR as your recruitment partner, you probably want to know a little about who you’ll be working with.

Sandra Prvulovic - Fenix HR CEO

Sandra Prvulovic

Tech recruiter and co-founder of Fenix HR. Always pushing the boundaries, she’s often described as “honest, direct and professional”. Married to Srdjan.
Srdjan Prvulovic - Fenix HR Chief Strategist

Srdjan Prvulovic

Tech recruiter and co-founder of Fenix HR. Has a unique ability to close hard-to-fill positions, as he sees patterns and relationships that others miss.


“Fenix HR quickly managed to find me the perfect role.”
Vladan Profirovic, Senior Front End Developer
“Fenix HR helped me to find my dream job.”
Nikola Gajic, Game Producer
“Fenix HR excellently matched
my professional experience and my expectations,
so the search for a new firm
did not last long.”
Vladan Profirovic, Senior Front End Developer
“Fenix HR knew exactly what kind of person the company needed
and what I was looking for and then matching the two.”
Nenad Zivic, Machine Learning Researcher
“Sandra’s specialism in programming recruitment and her contacts in the business are what gives her the edge.”
Vladan Profirovic, Senior Front End Developer
“It was a seamless process from start to finish. Fenix HR helped us every step of the way.”
Tatjana Vesel, Director
“Sandra insists on getting to know the company intimately.
She makes sure your time isn’t wasted by putting forward only the highest quality of candidate.”
Nenad Zivic, Machine Learning Researcher
“We asked our developers about recruitment agencies they liked.
Fenix HR were mentioned as they seemed to be active, respectful and professional.
An essential combination.”
Oskar Bull Hansen, HR Manager
“Fenix HR understood exactly the profile of candidate we were looking for
that they should be not only highly qualified, technical, experienced and talented,
but also be the right cultural fit and have the same mindset as us.”
Nebojsa Andelkovic, Head of Research
“We found the compensation/benefits survey incredibly useful,
and validated our internal trends and competitiveness within the market.”
Beth McCauley, HR Manager
“What impressed me most was how simple and easy to understand Fenix HR makes the whole process.
We didn’t need to spend a whole lot of time going into detail about our requirements.
And the proof is reflected in the high quality of candidate they have been able to deliver.”
Nebojsa Andelkovic, Head of Research