Trainings and development

The purpose of training and management development programmes is to improve employee and organizational capabilities. When the organization invests in improving the knowledge and skills of its employees, the investment is returned in the form of more productive and effective employees.

Software Development Training

Gradually Improving Software Design with examples in C#

Gradually Improving Software Design is the series of lectures that are following one specific line of thought.

Through a number of real world examples, attendees will get acquainted with design and coding practices that will help them improve their code “here and now”.

This C# Training is divided into 4-hour blocks. The entire training takes 20 hours.

In any particular case, it is possible to join or divide lectures in a different way, or even to choose a subset and combine them into a different course.

Soft Skills Training

Building effective relationship – SDI® model

Training programme, Building effective relationships – SDI ® model, is unique in Serbia and is delivered as part of a global training network of Personal Strengths Publishing, Inc.

Depending on your business requirements, the programme can be delivered as a one-day training (SDI ® model only) or two-days training (SDI ® model combined with influencing skills).

Group size is 14-16 participants, to enable forming of work teams based on motivational value systems discovered in the process of self-evaluation of participants.

The content of the entire programme is given through its major topics.

Soft Skills Training

Business Skills

Business skills is a training programme suited for all employees (no pre-requisite is required for participation). The programme aims to enhance business skills while improving work performance and people development.

Training programme is carried out through a series of one-day modules, each tailoring one core business skill. The programme can be delivered as a whole (i.e. all six modules in 2-3 training blocks) or separately, targeting particular business skills.

Soft Skills Training

HR Training

This HR Training is divided in 2 modules: Performance management and Job induction

Performance management is a training programme suited for all managers and front-line leaders (no pre-requisite is required for participation).

Job induction is tailored programme aimed to provide in-depth understanding of working process and the right impression of organizational culture for new employees.

The FenixHR Outdoor Team Buildings

Our unique outdoor training experiences, pre-training profiling and ongoing assessment enables leaders and teams to identify their current performance enablers and inhibitors, and equips them with the skills and tools to rapidly advance their workplace performance.