The variable seeking new solutions

The variable seeking new solutions

My book appeared at this year’s Belgrade Book Fair in an ocean of new books – a Robinson Crusoe in a post-capitalist era. Was I happy? You bet I was! For years I had been summing up my professional and life experiences, looking for improvements, solutions and meaning in what I do. Am I satisfied? Yes, I am. That’s one phase done and dusted.

I reread my book recently after two years. I finished it back in 2013 and not long after fell pregnant with our daughter Petra. The entire project was put on the back burner. But this turned out to be a silver lining. Having a break from the content is a great feeling; I was able to re-experience it, evaluate it and think about whether I still stood by everything I had wrote.
And do I still think the same way? Yes, I do. Everything done so far has led me to where I am today. And I am satisfied. But I’m still on a journey. I see there’s more to go. In this stage, there’s room for other people, for a team. Involving other people in my work brought me particular pleasure: being able to rejoice in their successes, and being able to help them achieve their future successes. There is no external success without internal effort, which is called – overcome, step out of the box, embark on change.

Fear is the biggest problem standing in the way of personal progress. What will happen to me?
Doing something new is always a risk, I agree with that. But remaining in the status quo, where there are no challenges or satisfaction, destroys our potential, we become rusty. It’s enough to live by the saying – you sow what you reap. If you fight for good, for the right things, the right way, you have nothing to fear.
Great fear breeds ignorance or half-knowledge. But why ignorance in the information age? Everything we need for new results, for the goals which we sincerely aspire to, really is available. We need to be that variable seeking new solutions. The variable that is not idle, that wants, that has determination and the will to persevere.
When you embark on something completely new for you, such as launching a start-up, moving abroad, becoming an entrepreneur or moving to the village 🙂 – from experience I know this: you need support, knowledge, advice, a new angle, proposal and sentence – it will be fine, just keep going.

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