Soft Skills Training - Enhance Business Skills

Business skills is a training programme suited for all employees (no pre-requisite is required for participation). The programme aims to enhance business skills while improving work performance and people development. Group size: 8-12 participants.

Training programme is carried out through a series of one-day modules, each tailoring one core business skill. Depending on your business needs, the programme can be delivered as a whole (i.e. all six modules in 2-3 training blocks) or separately, targeting particular business skills. The content of each module is given through its major topics.

Fenix HR

Training programme is carried out through a series of one-day modules

Effective leadership

  • The concept of leadership
  • Leadership pipeline, employee engagement
  • Human capital, learning process and business competence (KSAB concept)
  • Situational Leadership model


Business communication

  • Communication process
  • Active listening & questioning
  • Verbal & non-verbal communication
  • Communication styles (VAK) and tools


Coaching and Feedback

  • Principles of coaching & feedback
  • PUSH & PULL technique
  • The GROW coaching model
  • The STAR & STAR/AR feedback models


Time Management & Delegation

  • Evolution and techniques of time management
  • Personal/team planning of activities
  • Delegation & employee empowerment
  • Project management


Team Development

Team development can be delivered as an indoor training module (1 day) or team building event targeting your specific requirements and accompanied with appropriate outdoor activities and workshops (2 days)

  • Concept of team, stages of team development
  • Team problem solving (SWOT, fishbone)
  • Brainstorming session


Conflict Management

  • Conflict: truths and myths, conflict management styles
  • Conflict resolution
  • Emotional intelligence in leadership


Presentation skills

Presentation skills training programme aims to develop personal skills necessary for the effective delivery of presentations in organization. It consists of preparation for training, participation, and (optionally) post-training evaluation in situ. Previous experience of participants in delivering presentations is an advantage but not a requirement for participation.

The training programme requires a high level of participation and exercises to enable participants to develop their own style of delivery, under the direct supervision of a trainer. Group size is 4-8 participants.

Training is delivered as a one-day programme with the ability to monitor delivery of each participant in the working environment (follow-up). The training programme covers the following topics:

  • Fear of public speaking (stage fright): forms, overcoming
  • Presentation of participants: individual delivery and structural feedback
  • Communication: elements, process and barriers
  • Step 1: Planning presentation
  • Step 2: Preparing presentation
  • Step 3: Delivering presentation