Building effective relationship – SDI® model

Training programme, Building effective relationships – SDI ® model, is unique in Serbia and is delivered as part of a global training network of Personal Strengths Publishing, Inc.

Depending on your business requirements, the programme can be delivered as a one-day training (SDI ® model only) or two-days training (SDI ® model combined with influencing skills).

Group size is 14-16 participants, to enable forming of work teams based on motivational value systems discovered in the process of self-evaluation of participants. The content of the entire programme is given through its major topics.

Fenix HR

This SDI® Training is divided in 2 day lectures

Day 1st

  • The concept of Relationship Awareness Theory
  • Understanding yourself – SDI® self-assessment (motivational values and behaviours)
  • Understanding others – SDI® quiz, personal filters in perceiving others
  • Understanding conflict – SDI® self-assessment (conflict styles and behaviours

Day 2nd

  • Building rapport – case study
  • Communication styles, understanding people feelings
  • Identifying the motives of behavior and properly dealing with others
  • Exert influence on others – role playing

Depending on your business needs, Day 2 can be aligned with other business skills you want to improve using SDI® model as a base.