Robinson in the Post-Capitalist Era

Robinson in the Post-Capitalist Era

This isn’t typical literature on management. The truth is that valuable advice can be found here, examples and analysis of practical problems and solutions from the business world covering the topics of interview, teamwork, human resource management, the art of management, delegation and communication, but these topics are dealt with from a completely different perspective. Instead of resource depletion and construction of employees and their capacities, primarily through their economic value, which is the subtext of many books on the topic of management, here we encounter with a present unfortunate conception of an employee as a whole, as an integrated being, as a person above all, who works in order to live, and doesn’t live in order to work.

dr Maja Ninkovic

In my opinion, the audience for this book comes in three groups. The first and most numerous are those at the beginning of their golden years: still in school, at university, at the end of their formal education or at the very beginning, while they are still choosing their path. Therefore, they are the most fortunate ones if fate grants them the opportunity to come across this book. Within it, they will find an honest friend and a kindred spirit which will tell them to follow their heart. The second ones are those who have already been working for some time, perhaps by now slightly exhausted by their choices, crushed by a time that demands of them to change, but does not teach them how to do so. It is not easy to keep fighting in a time that is no longer yours, to reinvent yourself and connect with a new world that wants to modify or reject you. You will find forgotten parts of yourself in this book, it will show you that you are still special and needed. The number of readers belonging to the so-called Generation Y are not few either, young people who have a claim on the future in our country, even though many of them choose to leave. Somebody sees you. Your future is what you make of it, wherever you may be. Finally, this is a book for managers, for those who are managing at work, for those who have to manage at home, for those who know how to do it very well and for those who are not yet aware of such skills. In the end, I can only advise everyone: read this book, and read it slowly. If by reading these lines you sincerely question yourself and find yourself in deep thought, then this book will change your life, as it has done for me.

Milan Petrovic / Fatespinner

About the Author

Sandra Prvulovic is from Subotica, but she is a citizen of the entire world by orientation. If you wish to have tea with her sometimes, look her up in Vrmdži village, under the Rtanj Mountain. She lives there with her family (Srdjan and little Petra), creating her wonders.
She graduated from the Faculty of Organisational Sciences (human resources management) and she also has a BA in special pedagogics. She acquired her long-term experience by working on the improvement of human resources in over forty companies of different sizes. Her rich CV contains, among others, Microsoft, Mercedes, Holcim, Piraeus, Erste, Knjaz Miloš, Infostud, Frikom, and Dijamant.
During the last couple of years, she focused on challenges of head hunting in the IT industry. She manages her own company Fenixhr. As an independent consultant, she deals in organisational development and human resources and has held over five hundred trainings.

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