Our recruitment experience and our research in the field indicate that the number one challenge for IT companies in the coming years will be to attract and retain qualified IT professionals.

HR Diagnostics

Fenix HR - Human Resources Diagnostics tool

  • Nearly 75% of Serbian IT professionals would change their job if made an attractive offer, in Serbia or abroad.
  • Only 58% of Juniors say that their efforts and accomplishments are appreciated at work and 100% want more choices in how they receive feedback from their supervisors.
  • 40% of Seniors find paid overtime to be a motivating factor, while 81% say that working on complex, challenging projects motivates them to do their best.
  • Well-motivated employees are 38% more likely to have above-average productivity and twice as likely to refer their friends and colleagues to your company.


In today’s IT industry, knowledge about how IT professionals in your company perceive their experiences at work becomes a critical factor for successful retention and recruitment strategies.

Our research tool, HR Diagnostics, is designed to provide a quick and affordable assessment of how employees perceive working in your company – what is important to them, how satisfied they are, would they recommend your company as an employer to their friends and colleagues.

The report contains results for the following 10 areas:

Compensation, Work responsibilities, Career, Performance management, Training and Development, Work-life balance, Workplace attachment, Recognition, Relationships and Communication and Work space.

HR Diagnostics also includes an overview of your employees Referrals and Retention potential.

You can view the sample pages here.

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Ask your employees to fill out a 15 minute online survey. Receive HR diagnostics report in 10 days, delivered to your inbox.