Our national Employer Branding in IT survey is starting in March 2018 and we would like to invite you to participate.


Why employer branding?


Employer branding represents the company’s efforts to promote, internally and externally, a clear message of what makes it different and desirable as an employer.

Building an identifiable and unique image of your company as a “great place to work” and communicating it clearly to your existing and prospective staff gives your company a distinctive edge in the today’s competitive IT job market.

A strong employer brand attracts candidates with superior skills and knowledge, reduces talent recruitment time and costs, increases employee retention and improves employee relations within the company.


The goal of this year’s report 2018 Employer Branding in IT is to provide information on how employer branding as a practice is evolving in the Serbian IT industry – what are other companies doing in this area and what to consider when developing your own employer brand strategy.


You can view the sample pages here.

Employer Branding in IT - National Report 2018

What is included in your 2018 Employer Branding in IT report?

  1. Analysis of the current employer branding practices in the IT industry, including information on employer branding strategy and activities, and internal and external brand building
  2. An overview of the main goals and objectives of employer branding activities
  3. Employer branding budget considerations
  4. Employer branding impact measurement and ROI
  5. Social media for employer branding
  6. Employer branding challenges

…and other topics important for designing your own employer branding strategy.


You can view the research contract here and sign up here to participate in the 2018 Employer Branding in IT.


Fee structure:
Full report – 480 EUR (if you leave your company’s data)
Full report – 680 EUR (without leaving your company’s data)


Companies that confirm their participation and send payment until 15th February will receive 10% off the research fee. All of the data collected is confidential. The online survey will take less than 20 minutes and can be completed by the company’s CEO, HR executive, or other qualified member of your staff knowledgeable about your employer branding plans and strategies.



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