In ancient times, Scarabs were seen as symbols of the Sun’s movement across the sky and as such, symbols of continuous renewal, rebirth and transformation. Scarabs are a famous family of beetle that can be found in every corner of the planet except in the oceans and on Antarctica.

The Scarabeus app was carefully designed as a psychological tool, so that its users can better comprehend themselves in an interesting and innovative way, but more importantly gain a deeper understanding of the way they make decisions in their lives. The app was built to closely monitor the way its users think, it traces their choices and conclusions, and gives them the opportunity to not only acquire new insight, but to also gain a fresh perspective on their current life situation, therefore allowing the users to implement this knowledge in the future.

The app was developed by the psychological-research team of the Fenix Centre for Human Resource Development, based on many years of experience working with people.

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