Branding managers

Branding managers

Branding managers create desirability in people to work, and be around management, because they provide intangible benefits.

Accomplished managers inspire employees to, within the scope of their capabilities, build themselves, rather than copy them.

Good management attracts and retains employees, while bad management makes them leave the company.

Lower management should support staff and support them to endure in building themselves as professionals and human beings, as well as to react quickly to bad acts and undesirable tendencies.

Middle management should be mild. Mildness is treatment in the work process before completion.

Senior management needs to show their worthiness when giving credits for successfully completed tasks.

CEO is seen as someone who can allow employees to realize their aspirations and be satisfied in a given company, being “a strict but just parent“.

Successful branding cannot be achieved by proclaiming, but by observing others who create an algorithm of desirability, spreading across the network.

This is the time when companies exist for employees, not for employers.

For the sake of successful branding, it is necessary to continuously educate management personnel, to be able to correct errors and increase management performance.